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Karndean, Amtico. Camaro etc are laminated vinyl products suitable for anywhere in the home or contract environment. Available in tile or plank form of various sizes, they mimic natural products ie stone, wood, slate, pebble and you may also have bespoke designs or logos made.

There are numerous design options available by way of borders and inlays. We can advise on where some designs may work and explain why others may not, depending on the area, however if you have an idea of your own we will be happy to discuss any possibility.

These products require floor preparation and we will not compromise on this. Even a new build with flat chipboard floors will require a minimum of 6mm plywood. Tounge and groove floorboards may require heavier ply and screed to smooth out the floor as much as possible. in some extreme cases where the floors cannot be smoothed out completely these products will work where ceramic tiles or woods may not as they are flexible.

Other benefits are, although compatible with underfloor heating, they absorb warmth from radiators so if your room is warm you will feel the warmth in the floor. They are a quieter option for flats and require little maintenance. Although extremely durable no floor is indestructible.

These products are not inexpensive however, fitted properly, they will last many years or until you decide you want a change which is quite straightforward. Always lift rather than drag furniture and fit felt pads to chair an table legs to prolong the appearance of your new floor.

A note about steam cleaning machines. They are not recommended for laminated vinyl products such as Karndean, Amtico etc, which come in plank or tile form, as the steam can dissolve the adhesive causing the planks to lift.

Call us for a no obligation estimate and we will discuss all these points in detail.